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Homemade Italian goodness delivered to your door

If you are tired of the usual high street Takeaway and fancy something more comforting and home cooked, here are some very tasty options for you. 

Please state in the contact form any dietary requirement or allergies that must be catered for on your order.  Some dishes may contain or have traces of nuts and seeds or may have been made alongside other products containing nuts and seeds.  Betti’s cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting from food allergies.

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Lasagna with Beef ragù

 Traditional homemade meat Lasagna made with a ragù of British Beef, béchamel sauce, nutmeg and 36 months aged  Parmesan cheese.

 Suitable for home freezing 

 £36 tray serves  6-8 portions

£24 tray serves  4-6 portions

 £7.00 tray serves 1-2 people


 My mum’s meatballs made with British beef, thyme, parsley, garlic, parmesan cheese and nutmeg, fried and then coated in a tomato sauce with plenty of basil and capers from my mum’s garden near Lucca. 

Suitable for home freezing 

 £6.50 per portion

Parmigiana Classic and Vegan


 The classic Italian Aubergine Bake made with grilled aubergines,  tomato and basil sauce, mozzarella and plenty of parmesan cheese. And an equally tasty Vegan version with grilled aubergines, tomato and basil sauce and sourdough breadcrumbs flavoured with sundries tomatoes, olives, currants, capers, basil and pine nuts

Suitable for home freezing

£36 tray serves 6-8 portions

£24 tray serves 4-6 portions

£7 tray serves 1-2 portions

Courgette Tart


A very delicate and light Tart from Parma made with lots of courgettes and onions, delicious ricotta cheese from an Italian producer and plenty of parmesan, wrapped in shortcrust pastry.

 Suitable for home freezing 

 £33 tray serves 6-8 portions

 £22 tray serves 4-6 portions

 £6 .50 tray serves 1-2 portions

Pesto and Asparagus Lasagna

Lasagna filled with béchamel sauce, plenty of Parmesan cheese, homemade pesto and fresh asparagus.
Suitable for home freezing 

£36 tray serves 6-8 portions

£24 tray serves 4-6 portions

£7 tray serves 1-2 portions

Pasta sauce Pots

Traditional Beef Ragù

  £5.50 for 2 portions pot    

Basil, Pinenuts and Parmesan Pesto    

£5.50 for 2 portions pot 

Tomato and basil Vegan 

£4.50 for 2 portions pot

Suitable for home freezing 



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